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The Yuru Kabgyat is a two day long celebration which is held with enormous energy and eagerness at Lamayuru, placed 127 kilometer from Leh. This celebration is went to by various individuals from abroad. The Buddhists hail from different nations like China, Japan, Tibet and Korea and go to the celebration of Yuru Kabgyat at Leh. It is a celebration that is praised with gigantic grandeur and energy. Vividly dressed Buddhist Monks throng the Leh Valley and take part in the move dramatization.

History of the Yuru Kabgyat at Leh in Jammu:

Veil moves are a part and package of the Buddhist celebrations particularly the Mahayana convention which still exists in Bhutan. As a component of the blessed scripts, the veiled move of the Buddhists goes once again to the eighth century when the Chham Dance was initially performed.

Support by the friars at Lahul, Spiti, Ladakh and Kinnaur made the veiled move show a chipper experience. The principle objective behind this covered move dramatization is to allay the divinity. It is additionally performed so as to drive off the insidiousness spirits and ensure the individuals from the fatal common disasters, plagues and likewise to guarantee health and cleanliness for the individuals.

Depiction of the Yuru Kabgyat at Leh in Jammu:

The Yuru Kabgyat move comprises of Chhams in which the Lamas move as loops with vast bright covers. This round development is regularly joined by rhythms, long pipes and cymbals. The veils are normally produced out of paper mache and there is likewise a dainty cover of mortar encompassing it.

The principle figures depicted are the Yama or the Lord of Death and Padmasambhava or the second Buddha who is likewise known to be the God of Wealth. He is viewed as a defender of steeds and creatures including human race. At Lamayuru in Leh, this move is a prestigious move show which is held consistently throughout the Yuru Kabgyat celebration, (held around July –august.) This move dramatization closes with conciliatory offering


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