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Vishu falls on the first day in the Malayalam month of Medam. According to the Gregorian Calendar Vishu falls on the 14 April, that day when Punjab celebrates Baisakhi, Tamil Nadu celebrates Puthandu, Assam celebrates Ronagali Bihu and Bengal celebrates Naba Barsha. Promising day of Vishu imprints the Sun's travel to the zodiac Mesha Raasi according to Indian soothsayer estimations. 
Vishu Traditions and Customs 
Accepted individuals of Kerala commended Vishu with parcel of delight and merriment. One extremely fascinating custom of Vishu is Vishukani or Kani Kanal (first sight). Under this custom there is an endorsed rundown of things that individuals see first thing on a Vishu morning. The custom stems from the solid conviction of the individuals of Kerala that great things seen on the New Year day brings good fortunes for the whole year. Women of the house make readiness for Vishukani on a past night. They might keep recommended things including a cadjan leaf book, gold adornments, new white fabric, a measure of rice or paddy, blossoms of the Konna tree (Cussia fistula), split jack foods grown from the ground, divided coconuts and yellow cucumber in an enormous pot. Behind this pot is kept the ringer metal mirror and a garlanded god of Lord Krishna. Two standing oil lights are additionally set before the god. Expert of the house is the first individual to investigate favorable things. Youngsters are brought visually impaired collapsed from their rooms to watch Vishukani. Numerous individuals in Kerala want to perform Vishukani in sanctuaries. Vishukani is offered to Gods and is later disseminated around poor and penniless. 
Youngsters are given endowments or little measure of money on the Vishu Day in a conviction that it guarantees success for kids. This custom is called Vishu Kaineetam. 
Vishu Celebrations 
To praise the promising celebration of Pooram Vishu individuals of Kerala wear kodi vastram (new garments). Individuals sing, move and make cheerful. Patassu (fireworks) are additionally blast to stamp the New Year day. An alternate magnetic characteristic of the celebration is the stupendous sadya (dining experience) ready by the women of the house. Exceptional dishes are ready utilizing jackfruits, mangoes, pumpkins and gourd moreover other occasional vegetables and soil grown foods. Trademark characteristic of a Vishu feast is that the sustenance things comprise of harshly equivalent extents of salty, sweet, harsh and sharp things. Mainstream feast dishes incorporate "Veppampoorasam" (a sharp arrangement of neem) and "Mampazhapachadi" (a harsh mango soup). 
In towns of Kerala, youthful men and ladies take on the appearance of the "chozhi" by wearing a skirt of dried banana leaves and veils on their appearances. These performers might then move from house to house and gather reward for their exhibitions. The cash gathered by them is used in Vishuwela or the New Year Fairs.

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