Tirupati Brahmotsavam Festival Date

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Tirupati Tirumala Brahmotsavam is the most significant celebration of Andhra Pradesh. This nine-day celebration is seen with terrific festival at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. Tirupati Brahmotsavam is commended in the month of September/ October. This Hindu celebration turns into the focal point of fascination for explorers and sightseers from distant locations abroad. As stated by the old stories, it is accepted that Lord Brahma initially performed this celebration of Lord Balaji at Tirupati. The celebration was executed as a much appreciated offering function to the Lord. The term 'Brahmotsavam', which recommends "Brahma's Utsavam" (Lord Brahma's Festival) has been assimilated from this aged occasion. Brahmotsavam is otherwise called 'Tirupati celebration' in Andhra Pradesh. All around the time of nine days, diverse celebrations are watched, both in the morning and the nighttime at the sanctuary. Every last festival throughout the celebration is noteworthy, since one merriment envoys another. Brahmotsavam is an excellent affair time for the pioneers and aficionados, who come to witness the parades and festivals of the celebration. The celebration is positively respectable for its endless appeal, where aficionados feel the 'Vaikuntha Anubhava' (superb delight and feeling). The celebratory parade of Lord Venkateswara moves around the four boulevards of the primary sanctuary for two hours, expecting midnight. However, consistently is a bubbly day at Tirupati, the nine days of "Brahmotsavam" offer uncommon enjoyment to the individuals.


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