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A great number of fairs are held in the tenth day of the month of Bhadra, to check the conception of Tejaji. Numerous stories are available about this fabulous figure. In Tejajis fairs ceremonies are made to cure snake-nibble. In Guna locale at Bhamavad town there is a stage on which a statue of Tejaji on his steed is introduced. Consistently throughout the reasonable numerous persons accompany bits of material adjust their necks. This they unknot close to the stage and when they untie it, they get oblivious just to recover it after water and milk are sprinkled on their appearances. Comparable customs are seen in the fairs held at Sagar town of the same range and at Rawati of Ratlam region. 
In the months of Asadha and Bhadra, at Deotalab (Rewa) the Somnath Sankarji ka Mela and Tejaji reasonable draw many individuals. The Triveni ka Mela held at Ratlam and the Singaji Jatra held at Piplya vilage of Nimad urge the individuals to go to fairs happening in Kartika at Ujjain, Mandhata (Nimad), Naya Gaon and various different spots. The Kumbha Mela is held after at regular intervals at Ujjain.

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