Ratha Saptami 2021 Date


Ratha Saptami 2021 in 2021 ยป   19 February

Celebrated In: India
Ratha Saptami is one of the favorable celebrations of the Hindu religion, which is for the most part praised and saw by the Hindus, who dwell in the state of Goa, especially in Canacona and Ponda Taluk. Reliant on the northerly development of the sun, this Hindu celebration of Goa is praised throughout Magh that is a blessed month according to the Hindu religious timetable that falls in the English month of mid January to mid February. Consequently, this celebration is even known as the Magha Saptami. Separated from denoting the seventh day of the sun's development, as it were, Ratha Saptami even denote the beginning of the spring season in the state, when temperatures indicate a huge climb in the southern a piece of India. Ratha Saptami, symbolizes the turning of the Chariot of Surya, the Sun God that is pulled by 7 stallions, each of which speaks to 7 separate colors. This even denote the birthday of the Sun God and is accordingly, seen as Surya Jayanti. The date of this yearly Goan celebration fluctuates from year to year relying upon the shifted periods of moon as stated by the lunar schedule of the Hindus. 
In spite of the fact that a percentage of the critical sanctuaries, for example, the Mallikarjun Temple and Shri Manguesh Temple (Even called Mangireesh Temple or Mangesh Mandir) commend this celebration inside their premises, however this renowned celebration of Goa is for the most part celebrated at home. The tenants of the most modest state of the nation watch various types of customs inside their homes. The ceremonies of the celebration are: A reasonable is sorted out in veneration to the sun god. A puja is performed which incorporate offering of nourishment (Naivedhya) to sun god,giving Argyam (water in palms) and offering reparations to the blaze. The individuals who take after all the ceremonies connected with the puja are of conviction that they will be gave with peace and success all around the year.

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