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This celebration called the Mukatsar Maghi Fair is much like Holi and Lohra Festival in Punjab and is praised with colossal enthusiasm and intensity. A nearby reasonable is organized since this celebration has a chronicled essentialness. Mukatsar Maghi Fair draws in a huge number of swarms that keep going for a few days.

Depiction of the Mukatsar Maghi Fair:

The name Mukatsar Maghi Fair has been determined from the Muktsar which the name of the 40 freed Mukhtas who kicked the bucket a valiant demise in the Battle of Khidrana. They indicated gigantic steadfastness to the religion thus, they are revered by the individuals still now.

"Steadfastness is still the same, Whether it win or lose the amusement;

Genuine as a dial to the sun, Although it be not sparkled upon."

They by and large recognize the life of the tenth Prophet. Khidrana was a lovely pool and the groups of the dead were cremated on the first day of Magh Month, and thirteenth January is still important for the occurrence. At Mukatsar an enormous swarm amasses to celebrate the occurrence. This is otherwise called the Mukatsar Maghi Fair. The enthusiast walk as an event from the Main Shrine to the heavenly Tibbi Sahib; this is sacrosanct for Guru Gobind Singh.

Time for the festival of the Mukatsar Maghi Fair:

The celebration of Mukatsar Maghi is held in the month of January consistently at Muktsar Town


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