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Tamil Nadu celebrates Karthigai Deepam as the conventional celebration. It is an exceptionally old celebration and is likewise celebrated in the neighboring states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This celebration is exceptionally vital among the Tamils and each Tamil need to commend it wherever they are in this immense world. 
Legends of Karthigai Deepam: 
The most punctual Hindu scripture states that the two incredible divinities of Hindu society Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma began battling among them with respect to the prevalence.
They both thought every one was stronger than the other. To stop this colossal battle, Lord Shiva came before them and attempted to show his matchless quality. He took the state of a tremendous fire and tested the two battling Gods to discover the end of the flame from the top and base. Master Vishnu took the type of a hog and attempted to achieve the end of the flame underneath the earth.
He fizzled wretchedly and returned to Lord Shiva saying that he was unable to discover the end of the blaze from the lowest part. Ruler Brahma then again, took the state of a swan and traveled to discover the start of the flame on the topside.
Be that as it may his inquiry was additionally futile and he was unable to discover the highest point of the blaze. Accordingly, Lord Shiva demonstrated his amazingness over the two Gods and figured out how to stop the battle. Master Shiva really demonstrated that he is the fundamental God of the earth and there is no utilization in battling in addition to different Gods with respect to their matchless quality. He then showed up like mound shape on Thiruvannamalai area.
Truth be told, the names Tiruvannamalai' and `arunachala' indicate "heavenly fire mound".  Later on the rulers and well known staff based a sanctuary on the mount in celebration of Lord Shiva. This celebration is praised with incredible wonder in this specific spot.

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