Kamika Ekadashi 2021 Date


Kamika Ekadashi 2021 in 2021 ยป   4 August

Category: Festival
Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Hindu)

The principled lord Yudhisthira maharaj said, "Gracious Supreme Lord, I have gotten notification from You the glories of fasting on Deva-sayani Ekadasi, which happens throughout the light fortnight of the month of Ashadha. Presently I might want to get notification from You the glories of the Ekadasi that happens throughout the dull fortnight (krishna paksha) of the month of Shravana (July August). Goodness Govindadeva, please try to remain benevolent to me and demonstrate its glories. Gracious Supreme Vasudeva, I offer my most modest obeisances unto You.

The Supreme Lord, Shri Krishna, answered, "Goodness King, please listen mindfully as I portray the favorable impact of this Holy quick (vrata) day, which uproots all transgressions. Narada Muni once got some information about this same subject. 'Goodness official of all creatures,' said Naradji, 'Gracious you who sit upon a water conceived lotus throne, please let me know the name of the Ekadasi that happens throughout the dim fortnight of the holy month of Shravana. Kindly likewise let me know which Deity is to be venerated on that Holy day, the procedure one must take after to watch it, and the legitimacy it recompenses.'

Master Brahma answered, 'My dear child Narada, for the profit of all mankind I might joyfully let you know all that you wish to know, for simply listening to the glories of the Kamika Ekadasi gives legitimacy equivalent to that acquired by one who performs a steed offering. Positively, extraordinary legitimacy is accomplished by one who venerates, and who likewise ruminates over the lotus feet of the four-equipped Lord Gadadhara, who holds conchshell, plate, club and lotus in His grasp and who is otherwise called Shridhara, Hari, Vishnu,

Madhava, and Madhusudana. Furthermore the endowments accomplished by such an individual/ lover, who reveres Lord Vishnu solely are far more terrific than those attained by one who scrubs down in the Ganges at Kashi (Varanasii), in the woodland of Naimisharanya, or at Pushkara, which is the main place on the planet where I am formally venerated. However one who watches this Kamika Ekadasi and additionally reveres Lord Shri Krishna attains more excellent legitimacy than one who has darshan of Lord Kedaranatha in the Himalayas, or one who washes at Kurukshetra throughout a sun powered shroud, or one who gives the entire Earth in philanthropy, including its backwoods and seas, or one who showers in the Gandaki River (where the holy Shaligrams are found) or the Godavari River on a full moon (purnima) day that falls on a Monday when Leo (Simha) and Jupiter (Guru) are conjoined (conjunct).


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