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Kajali Teej in 2021 ยป   25 August

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Kajari Teej is celebrated with immense devotion and love. It falls on the Krishna Paksh Tritiiya, the third day of sawan or shravan - the fifth month in Hindu calendar. On the auspicious occasion of Kajli Teej, women gather to sing songs in honor of Lord Krishna and perform sacred pooja of neem.
Kajli Teej Celebrations
Kajli Teej is celebrated with extreme gaiety and enthusiasm by womenfolk. Women and young girls wear new clothes on Kajli Teej. On this day, swings are laid down in the garden and ladies sing auspicious songs and dance with full enthusiasm. Some Kajari songs are sung to welcome monsoon season while others depict happiness and union of lovers. There are some other songs which portray the pain of separation. Festival of Kajri Teej is also identified with blackish shades of clouds which cover the sky during the monsoon before raining down. On this day, there is a community pooja of neem. Women gather around the holy neem tree and perform specific rituals.
Kajari Teej in Bundi, Rajasthan
Celebrations of Kajari Teej in Bundi, Rajasthan are the most famous one. In Bundi, Kajari Teej is celebrated enthusiastically and joyfully. Here it is celebrated on the third day of the month of 'Bhadra'. The festival of Kajli Teej starts with a procession of Teej Goddess in a decorated palanquin. The procession moves from the picturesque Naval Sagar. It heads with bedecked elephants, camels, performers, musicians, folk dancers and artists. There are stunning performances by artists and cultural performers specially organized for the tourists who have come to see Kajari Teej celebrations in Bundi. 
Kajari Teej in UP and Madhya Pradesh
Kajari Teej is also celebrated with extreme verve in parts of North and Central India also. Women in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, especially in Varanasi and Mirzapur celebrate Teej with enthusiasm. Rich folk heritage of these states are brought to light with Kajari Teej celebrations.
This is one among the three important Teej festivals in a year. Kajari Teej is also known as Sathu Teej and Badi Teej. Some Also call it as Kajali Teej.

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