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Shri Guru Ravidass ji was conceived in the fourteenth century at kanshi, Uttar Pradesh in India, in a humble group of Baba Santokh Dass ji being as father and Mata Kalsa Devi ji as mother.

Since promptly youth, Guru Ravidassji was really slanted to spirituality.guruji used to go to go to heavenly talks and demonstrated extraordinary appreciation and commitment to sacred men. This stressed guruji's guardians and they attempted to occupy his consideration by captivating him in their family calling of shoe making and repairing.guruji took in the calling, yet his affection and commitment for God proceeded undiminished.with a perspective to make him more intrigued by common undertakings, his father got him wedded to Mata Lona Devi at an early age.but and still, after all that it didn't change his state of mind or his completely nauseated, his father differentiated him from the family and requested that them deal with their own particular issues without taking him to share of the genuine offer of the family proprty. He was made to stay in the terrace of his house.

At the time of Guru Ravidass ji the social framework was exceptionally coldblooded and the low rank individuals were not permitted to go the sanctuaries for petition to God, to schools for study, to enter into towns in a light and were compelled to live in hovels far away as opposed to in houses in town. Since adolescence Guruji had an otherworldly personality, profound thinking and complete commitment to hunt the true God from the remorseless world, who provided for him just deterrents to accomplish his objectives of spreading the Gods message of being everyone

equivalent in all regards, independent of position, color or a faith in any type of God and to spread a message that "God made man and not man made God". Master Ravidass Ji gave teachings on the lessons of all inclusive fraternity and tolerance.

The acclaimed paragon of piety poetess, Mirabai, likewise turned into a devotee of Guru Ravidass. Master Ravidass ji vanished from this planet, deserting just his foot shaped impressions in 1527.


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