Gurgaddi of Shri Guru Har Rai Ji Date

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Celebrated In: India
Celebrated By: (Sikh)

The seventh Guru of the Sikh confidence, was the child of Baba Gurditta and grandson of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. He was conceived on 31 January 1630 at Kiratpur, in present-day Ropar region of the Punjab. In 1640, he was wedded to Sulakkhani, girl of Daya Ram of Anupshahr, in Bulandshahr region of Uttar Pradesh. He was tender by nature and had a passionate disposition. He was Guru Hargobind's most loved grandchild, and he had been given the name of Har Rai by the Guru himself. When, record old writings, Har Rai was returning home after his riding activity. From a separation he saw Guru Hargobind sitting in the arrangement. He without a moment's delay got off his stallion to go and do him this dash, his robe was gotten in a shrub and a couple of the blossoms were broken from their stems. This tormented Har Rai's heart. He sat down on the spot and sobbed sharply. Master Hargobind came and supported him. He likewise prompted him: "Wear your robe by all methods, however be watchful as you walk. It profits God's servants to be delicate to all things." There was a deeper significance in the Guru's words. One must live in this world, but then be ace of oneself.

Master Hargobind knew Har Rai to be the fittest to inherit the "light" from him. He designated him as his successor and sancified him Guru before outward-bound this life on fourteen March 1644. Master Har Rai unbroken the stately vogue Guru Hargobind had presented. He was went to by 2,200 equipped devotees, however no any clash with the decision force happened. He created 3 crucial lecturing missions known as bakhshishes for the spread of Guru Nanak's instructing. first was that of Bhagvan Gir, renamed Bhagat Bhagvan, UN org created evangelist focuses in jap Republic of India. The second was that of Sangatla, renamed Bhai Pheru, UN org lectured in Rajasthan and southern punjab. Master Har Rai conjointly sent Bhat Gonda to capital of Afghanistan, Bhai Nattha to capital of Bangladesh and Bhai Jodh to Multan to proselytize. The predecessors of contemporary groups of Bagarlan and Kaithal lectured in the class Malva district. Master Har Rai himself cosmopolitan broadly throughout this space and an outsized number of people acknowledged his instructing. He affirmed the gift prior displayed by Guru Hargobind on a wedge, Phul, UN org turned into the establishing father of the groups of Patiala, Nabha and Jind. These families governed inside their domains in the geographic territory till late years.



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