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Individuals over the United States commend Flag Day on June 14 every year to respect the United States banner and to remember the banner's selection. On that day, the United States Army commends its birthday. 
What do individuals do? 
Banner Day falls inside National Flag Week, a period when Americans consider the establishments of the country's opportunity. The banner of the United States speaks to opportunity and has been a continuing image of the nation's goals since its initial days. Throughout both occasions, Americans likewise recollect their dependability to the country, reaffirm their confidence in freedom and equity, and watch the country's solidarity. 
Numerous individuals in the United States respect this day by showing the American banner at homes and open structures. Other prominent methods for watching this occasion include: banner raising functions; Flag Day administrations; school tests and exposition rivalries about the American banner; musical salutes; road parades; and honors for extraordinary distinguishment. 
 Organizations, for example, The National Flag Day Foundation are energetically included in arranging exercises focused on the occasion and keeping the banner's customs alive. Emulating Flag Day is Honor America Days, a 21-day period through to Independence Day (July 4) to respect America. Throughout this period, individuals hold open social affairs and exercises to praise and honor the country.

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