Dragon Boat Festival 2021 Date

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Mythical beast watercrafts are subsequently named in light of the fact that the fore and stern of the watercraft is fit as a fiddle of conventional Chinese winged serpent. A group of individuals works the paddles in an offer to achieve the terminus before alternate groups. One colleague sits at the front of the watercraft thumping a drum so as to keep up assurance and guarantee that the rowers keep in time with each one in turn. Legend holds that the race begins from the thought of the individuals who paddled their vessels to spare Qu yuan after he suffocated himself in the stream. It is said that the winning group will bring harvest and cheerful life to the populace of their town.

Presently, some of ethnic minorities in China likewise hold mythical serpent vessel races like Miao, and Dai. Japan, Vietnam, and Britain view it as a vital diversion also. In the year of 1980, it was recorded in the state sports rivalry program held consistently.


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