Double Seventh Festival 2021 Date

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This celebration is in mid-summer when the climate is warm and the grass and trees uncover their lavish greens. Around evening time when the sky is spotted with stars, and individuals can see the Milky Way spreading over from the north to the south. On each one bank of it is a brilliant star, which see one another from a far distance. They are the Cowherd and Weaver Maid, and about them there is a delightful adoration story passed down from era to era.

Long, long back, there was a fair and kind-hearted individual named Niu Lang (Cowhand). His guardians passed on when he was a tyke. Later he was determined out of his home by his sister-in-law. So he existed without anyone else present crowding steers and cultivating. One day, a pixie from paradise Zhi Nu (Weaver Maid) experienced passionate feelings for him and descended subtly to earth and wedded him. The cowhand cultivated in the field and the Weaver Maid wove at home. They carried on with an upbeat life and conceived a kid and a young lady. Sadly, the God of Heaven soon figured out the certainty and requested the Queen Mother of the Western Heavens to bring the Weaver Maid back.


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