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According to the Hindu calendar on the 11th day which is known as Ekadashi of Shukla Paksh in the month of Karthik, the festival of Dev Uthani Ekadashi takes is also known by the name of Prabodhani Ekadashi.
It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu woke up after a rest of four months. And thus this day marks the end of Chaturmaas which means four month.
This day is considered to be very auspicious day and marriages take place on this day all over India. All the auspicious works that could not be done during the Chaturmaas are done on this day.
Devuthni/ Prabodhini Ekadashi
Lord Shri Krishna said :"Hey Arjun, now I will tell you a story related to the liberating Ekadashi of Kartik Shukla pash named "Prabodhini Ekadashi",
which is a dialogue between Brahmaji and Naradji.Once Naaradji asked to Brahmaji :"Hey father, what is the effect of keeping the fast of Prabodhini Ekadashi? please let me know."
Brahmaji spoke :"Hey son, a thing which is very difficult to attain can be attained by Prabodhini Ekadashi's fast. By keeping this fast so many wrong karmas done in the 
previous births are destroyed within seconds.Hey son, those who do even very little good karma during this day, even those are converted into big mountains.Who keeps this fast, his 
ancestors attain Vaikuntha.The crime of killing the Brahmins is also destroyed by keeping this fast and staying awake during the night.
"Hey Naarad, humans must keep this fast for pleasing Lord Vishnu.Aperson who keeps the fast of Ekadashi,he becomes prosperous,Yogi, ascetic, master of his senses as Ekadashi
is very dear to Lord Vishnu."
" During this day a person who does to please the Lord charity, meditation,yagna{chanting the holy names is also a I am the japa yagna amongst all the yagnas...SrimadbhagwadGita}They attain a good karma that can not be destroyed."
"Hence Naarad, you must also worship Lod Vishnu in the right way.On this Ekadashi, one must wake up in the time of Brahma muhurat{early morning before sunrise}
and should pledge for the fast and worship the Lord.In the night time one should stay awake and spend the night singing, doing kirtan,dancing nearby the Lord."
"On the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi, Lord should be worshiped with incense,flowers etc, and should give Arghaya to the Lord.The effect of this is billion times more than
doing charity and pilgrimages."
"Those who with the rose flowers, Bakul and Ashok flowers, Kaner flowers red and white,Duurvadal, Champak flowers, Shami leaves worship Lord, they are liberated from this world.
Hence one should worship the lord during the night and in the morning time after having a bath,one should pray to the lord and worship his Guruji and offer food to the pious Brahmins and hence end his fast this way"
"Those who pledge for leaving or sacrificing some particular thing during these 4 months, they must start doing the same right from this day.Those who keep this fast with the right process, they attain unlimited pleassures and attain heaven after their lives."

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