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Chongyang Festival is likewise called Double Ninth Festival. In Chinese, nine is viewed as the amount of Yang (which implies manly instead of Yin which is ladylike). The ninth day of the ninth month is the day that has two Yang numbers, and "chong" in Chinese means twofold which is the way the name Chongyang was made. It is a day for individuals to consume Chongyang cake, drink chrysanthemum wine, climb mountains, and pay tribute to chrysanthemums.


In the same way that other Chinese celebrations have their own particular interesting story, so does the Chongyang Festival. It is said that, throughout the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220), a fiend possessed the Nu River which brought about illness in the neighboring individuals. The guardian of a junior man, named Hengjing, passed on account of the fallen angel's enchantment. So as to free the populace of the fallen angel, Hengjing experienced exceptional lengths to discover a godlike to show him swordsmanship so as to cast out the demon.

On the eighth day of the ninth lunar month, the eternal told Hengjing that the one day from now the fallen angel might show up and he was to do a reversal to dispose of the demon and the illness. Taking a sack of dogwood and some chrysanthemum wine, Hengjing came back to the place where he grew up. In the morning of the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, Hengjing headed all the villagers who were each one holding a bit of dogwood leaf and a mug of Chrysanthemum to the closest mountain. At twelve, when the fiend turned out from the Nu River, the villain all of a sudden halted on account of the aroma emitted from the dogwood and the chrysanthemum wine. At that minute Hengjing utilized the sword to fight the demon for a couple of rounds and won.

From that point forward the custom of climbing mountains, drinking chrysanthemum wine and clutching dogwood on the ninth day of the ninth month have gotten mainstream.


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