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Brij celebration is praised for three days in Shukla paksha of Phalgun. It is praised in the Brij area, spotted in the Bharatpur region. Brij celebration is praised in respectability of Lord Krishna. The celebration is commended a couple of days before Holi- the celebration of shades. The celebration is devoted to ruler Krishna who is accepted to have invested a significant time of his youth at a spot called Brij. The celebration is yet an alternate event for the villagers to be pleased with the rich Indian society and mythology.

The celebration is praised with bunches of excitement and get-up-and-go in the Brij district which is placed in the Bharatpur region. The celebration is otherwise called Brij Mahotsava and is commended for three days in Shukla Paksha (first fortnight between New Moon Day and Full Moon Day) of the Phalgun month according to the Hindu logbook.

Raslila exhibitions are the inside of fascination. The villagers dress themselves in multicolor clothing types and perform the Raslila that give a picture of the everlasting adoration story of master Krishna and his adored Radha.

 People welcome spring with merriments and bliss. The reasonable reflects the correct conventional society of Rajasthan. Brij Festival of Bharatpur is a significant and renowned celebrations, celebrated by the nearby individuals and also sightseers from everywhere throughout the world come here to witness the adventure. Visitors tune in this brilliant celebration and appreciate and witness the party.

The mood of people tunes fills the climate with the aroma of sentiment. All the individuals, men or ladies, junior or old, regardless of their position or belief partake in the Brij Mahotsav and suffocate in its soul. The whole place is painted in splendid colors and nobody is saved from being sprinkled with shades.


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