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Guru Hargobind Sahib, before his departure for heavenly abode, nominated his grand son, Har Rai Ji at the tender age of 14, as his successor (Seventh Nanak), on 3rd March, 164. From an exceptionally youthful age he displayed an affectability to all living things and charmed himself to his granddad Guru Hargobind. One day while adolescent Har Rai was returning home he got off his steed after seeing Guru Hargobind and in his run his robe got in a shrub and a few blossoms were broken from their stems. It is said that it tormented Har Rai's heart so much that he began shouting. At the age of 14 in the wake of having accepted suitable preparing Har Rai was contributed with the Guruship by his granddad Guru Hargobind presently before his demise in March 1644. Like Guru Hargobind, Guru Har Rai kept an unforeseen of 2,200 mounted force as his particular gatekeeper. After the numerous clashes of Guru Hargobind, the times of Guru Har Rai were a period of solidification for the Sikh group without any real combats in the Gurus lifetime.

The Guru was attached to chasing however because of his delicate nature he might not execute the creatures yet keep them as pets in his zoo. "This serpent should have been an intellectual in his past life; delightful to see in his dress, however the learning he has is to nibble. Men additionally nibble others through desire; actually when they educate about God it is not through adoration or surrender toward oneself, however through the sharp wits and harmful teeth of discussion. Master Har Rai might use the mornings and nights listening to reverential music and giving addresses on the works of the Gurus. The Guru might additionally consume basic nourishment which was earned by the work of his own hands. Devotees from far might come to Kiratpur to look for the gifts of Guru Har Rai.

The point when mughal head Shah Jehan's eldest child Dara Shikoh was genuinely sick, Guru Har Rai sent a home grown solution which cured him. Accordingly relations with the mughals stayed on a great balance for a brief time. There was consequent unstability in the Delhi illustrious court when Shah Jehan fell sick and his second child Aurangzeb adjusted himself to his most youthful sibling Murad against their eldest sibling Dara Shikoh, Shah Jehan's sanction successor. Aurangzeb detained his father in Agra and his warriors and also those of his most youthful sibling Murad powers Dara Shikoh to escape towards Punjab. Master Har Rai was going to Goindwal in June 1558 and here he met Dara Shikoh who had come to get his gifts. Dara Shikoh recollected that the Guru had been answerable for sparing his life when he was debilitated. Dara Shikoh was both a savvy and generously tolerant towards different religions. He was an extraordinary admirer of the muslim Sufi Saint Mian Mir who was thusly an incredible admirer of the Gurus. Master Har Rai conceded Dara Shikoh a group of people and accepted the sovereign with due affability.

With such a merciless individual on the throne in Delhi, relations with the Sikhs might never be the same throughout Aurangzeb's long rule. Once sunk into the throne, Aurangzeb turned his thoughtfulness regarding the new confidence, Sikhism. It was accounted for to the head that Guru Har Rai has had favored Dara Shikoh and aided his break. Aurangzeb requested the Guru to show up in the illustrious court of Delhi. Master Har Rai finished not go himself yet rather sent his child Ram Rai to meet the head. When leaving Ram Rai was taught by his father to not take part in any wonders and to not permit the instructing of the Sikhs to be bargained in any capacity. The point when Ram Rai exhibited himself under the watchful eye of the regal court he was equipped to astound Aurangzeb with his mind and appeal that Sikhism finished not show any danger to the Mughals.


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